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Lemon Lavender

Lovely Satin Pillowcase

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Get the beauty sleep you've always dreamed of! Say 'goodnight' to rough cotton cases and 'good morning' to tamed tresses and glowing skin. Our unbelievably dreamy satin pillowcase combats wrinkles, frizz, knots and dryness so you can wake up looking fresh and ready for the day! Toss in the drawstring pouch while traveling for quality beauty sleep even on the go. Super silky fabric stays cool to the touch for even better comfort.

Defends against wrinkles and won't absorb skincare
Eliminates frizz and knots
Silky soft satin stays cool
Secret zippered closure keeps your pillow tucked in tight
Three colors: Moonlight, Rosewater, Lucent Cloud
Reorder by color in packs of 4
Ships in free counter display
Boxed & peggable
Includes drawstring travel pouch!
Fits standard+ size pillows (28”x20”)!